• Mimi Plumb The White Sky

    Mimi Plumb

    The White Sky

    October 4, 2021 — January 29, 2022

    “Throughout my childhood years, growing up beneath the shadow of Mt. Diablo in the California suburb of Walnut Creek, I watched the rolling hills and valleys mushroom with tract homes and strip malls, and to me and my teenage friends, they were the blandest, saddest homes in the world.The starkness of the landscape hurt my eyes. The low brown hills coated with dry grass, scratching my ankles, fox tails caught in my socks. I was always looking for a place to hide from the bright, white sky."   - Mimi Plumb

    The Robert Koch Gallery presents Mimi Plumb: The White Sky, the gallery’s second exhibition by American photographer Mimi Plumb. Plumb's black and white photographs of 1970s life in her hometown Walnut Creek and surrounding Bay Area expound evocatively on the peculiar banality of Californian suburban sprawl, touching on candid narratives of youthful summertime wanderlust. The resulting eerily compelling images lead the viewer through tangential story lines that are mysterious yet familiar.

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