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TR Ericsson
(American, b. 1972)

Working across mediums—including photo-based works, sculptural objects, audio and video works—artist TR Ericsson frequently uses his own biography as a point of departure to explore universal themes of identity, grief, and loss.

Titled from the line in Sylvia Plath's poem Edge, her last prior to taking her life, Ericsson's series Crackle & Drag represents the artist's attempt to come to terms with his mother's death in 2003. Through found photographs and ephemera, as well as her recorded voice, Ericsson invokes the presence of his mother while she lived, as well as his memory of her during her life and in the years following her death.

TR Ericsson's work is in prestigious public and private collections, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Hirshhorn Museum, The Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, among others. The work of TR Ericsson is the subject of a 2015 solo exhibition at The Cleveland Museum of Art, accompanied by a monograph.

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Crackle and Drag
Crackle & Drag

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