Debra Bloomfield


Debra Bloomfield's evocative images use the ocean as a stunning metaphor for meditation and reflection. The endlessness and timelessness of the ocean views are concerned with discovery through reflection and patience. In response to the increasingly hectic world, the photographs invite a pause and contemplation. Still transfixes with hypnotic sensuality, the images combine dramatic color and quiet, monochromatic tones to a mesmerizing effect.

Oceanscapes came out of a sudden reckoning, the discovery of a deep mystery in something so seemingly familiar. I have been coming to this place—the vantage point of these works—almost every year of my life. My parents brought me here; I bring my children here. We come here specifically to stop and do nothing, to read, to play, to think . . . just to be. I had looked at this view so very many times without ever really seeing. Until one day, there it was in front of me—ineffable, fathomless in every sense, overlooked and yet exactly what I had been looking for. I began making images from this single perspective, which continues to capture my attention. - Debra Bloomfield, 2004

132 Pages
60 4-tone color plates
Chronicle Books, 2008

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