Tamas Dezsö

Notes for an Epilogue

Texts by Eszter Szablyar

Notes for an Epilogue features large-scale color photographs by Hungarian photographer Tamas Dezso. The work presents a look at the painterly landscapes, derelict factories and forgotten way of life of an economically exhausted Romania and isolated regions within the country. Dezso focuses on the margins of Romanian society, the crumbling structures of forgotten factories, their effects on villages, communities and individuals, and the disappearing culture and centuries-old traditions. Left with only a decaying infrastructure, the effects of the autocratic regime lasting from 1946 until 1989 still cast their long shadow over the Romanian countryside. While paying homage to the customs and traditions that have passed orally from generation to generation, Notes for an Epilogue dually succeeds as eyewitness to the locations, buildings and figures of a rapidly vanishing world.


160 Pages
Published by Hatje Cantz, 2015


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