György Kepes László Moholy-Nagy Arthur Siegel M. Halberstadt Henry Holmes Smith

New Bauhaus in America

Introduction by Leland Rice

This small edition publication accompanied our 2019 New Bauhaus in America  exhibition, including works by György Kepes, László Moholy-Nagy, Arthur Siegel, M. Halberstadt, and Henry Holmes Smith, commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the original Bauhaus school.

The New Bauhaus, later the Institute of Design, remains influential for later generations of artists and significant for fostering experimental work across disciplines with few boundaries. György Kepes continuously experimented with process and media and is recognized as a progenitor of the merging of art and technology. Our New Bauhaus in America exhibition included what was likely the most comprehensive and largest gallery exhibit of György Kepes's work in decades, with 48 works, plus two collaborations with M. Halberstadt. Also included in this exhibition is work from others in the New Bauhaus milieu, including mixed media works by László Moholy-Nagy (gouache and ink on paper, serigraph on paper, and vintage photogram), along with photograms by Arthur Siegel, solarized photographs by M. Halberstadt, and experimental light and color abstractions by Henry Holmes Smith.

69 Pages
63 color and black & white plates
Published by Robert Koch Gallery, 2019
$46.00 shipped within the Continental USA

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