Shai Kremer

Infected Landscape

Photographs by Shai Kremer. Essays by Moshe Zuckermann and Sylvia Wolf.

Shai Kremer’s transfixing compositions explore contested territory throughout Israel. In this region, conflict has left an indelible imprint on the land and on the psyche of its inhabitants. The ominously still images of decommissioned fighter planes used for target practice, eerie mock-ups of Arab villages erected for combat training, and walls and fences built to divide and break up the country, are all artificial structures imposed upon the land; they represent scars that are a constant reminder of active and unresolved strife.

Whitney Museum Curator Sylvia Wolf comments that Kremer’s photography is “rich in contradiction and reflects both aggression and vulnerability.” His images mirror the psychological trauma and resulting ambivalence of living in a world of on-going friction. Kremer’s work warns against vestiges of warfare becoming a permanent fixture in people’s lives and challenges the viewer to consider the long-term effects of perpetual violence within a society.

120 Pages
66 color plates
Dewi Lewis Publishing (1st Edition), 2008

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