Tamas Dezsö

Forest (afterimage)


Pigment ink print

50 x 80 in. / 60 x 100 in.

Signed, titled, dated and editioned verso

2 panels, each 50 x 40 in. image and mount
Edition of 5 + 2 APs

2 panels, each 60 x 48 in. image and mount
Edition of 5 + 2 APs

The forest with its infinitely intricate complexity appears as a symbol of the paucity of human perception. A forest is continuously undergoing millions of lesser or greater transformations. The components and molecules of plants, animals and fungi living in a forest constantly change, entities or entire species are born or disappear forever. Nevertheless, humans talk about the same forest existing for millions of years, while it is only the location that is unchanged. The diptych presents a a million-year-old forest in the Azores. In the past 100-120 years four species ‘brought in’ by people from the other side of the globe, which can be seen in the diptych, have spread, transforming the entire world of the forests, and had a significant impact on the Azorean ecosystems.

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