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    Robert Koch Gallery at The Armory Show 2020 | Pier 94, Booth 618

    January 26 — January 26, 2021

    Among the earliest photographic images were photograms, cameraless photographs made by placing objects directly on the surface of a light-sensitized paper and exposing it to light.  In the early 20th century artists inspired by abstraction began exploring new ideas using photograms to create images that expressed a daring fresh way of seeing.  These experimental artists embraced the idea of chance and the photographic process's alchemy.

    From our gallery's inception we have specialized in the avant-garde, from works by early groundbreaking practitioners in the first part of the 20th century to the present. Our booth at the Armory Show 2020 features early works from the 1930s as well as photograms by contemporary artists who carry forth the essence of experimental.

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