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Josef Koudelka, The Black Triangle. The Foothills of the Ore Mountains. Photographs 1990-1994 [Boxed]
With essay by Josef Vavrousek

Published on the occasion of the Black Triangle exhibit at the Prague Castle in 1994, this stunning collection of Koudelka panoramic photography examines the ecological havoc caused by French coalmining in the Ore Mountain foothills. A scathing portrait of a civilization based on the idea of unbridled economic growth accompanied by the ever rising consumption of raw materials, energy and finished products. As Vaclav Havel states in the opening passage, the devastation chronicled in The Black Triangle "has taught us perhaps more than anything else that the world is made of an indefinitely intricate and mysterious tissue about which we know damn little and towards which we should behave damn humbly." Text in Czech, English and French.

Signed. Good Condition. Paper oblong quarto. Plain card die cut self wraps. Limited edition. aprox. 100 printed in this format.
Out of Print
38 pages
38 duotone plates

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