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Debra Bloomfield: Wilderness

Over the past years, Debra Bloomfield has focused her camera on the wild places of southwest Alaska developing a series of sublime images that gently remind us of the importance of wilderness preservation in a time when our environmental impact is greater than ever. Her travels to southeastern Alaska deepened her understanding of the importance of continued preservation of wild places. Bloomfield has worked in the landscape for 35 years, and her poetic large-scale color photographs focus on the relationship between interiority and the external world, questioning how we use and misuse our land. In 2007, Bloomfield began incorporating field recordings into her working methodology. Turning to an unknown terrain, she immersed herself in the landscape, purposely repeating her movement through the seasons with a contemplative stance.

In effort to support conservation and raise further awareness, though December 2010, a portion of all proceeds from each sale of this series is dedicated to support The Wilderness Society.

Signed, Hardcover
128 pages
55 4-tone color plates
University of New Mexico Press, January 1, 2014